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Case Study: Successful Transition

Case Study: Successful Transition Situation: A middle level manager at a software company was retrenched as part of the organization’s restructuring programme. She had been applying to several places, but was not able to land a new job. She was not sure what was wrong and was losing her confidence. Analysis: On further probing, the mana [...]

Case Study – Exploring better o...

Case Study – Exploring better opportunities Situation: A middle level manager in a large Indian corporate was not able to find avenues for growth in his career. He felt he was pressed against a wall and there were no opportunities for growth. Analysis: By taking the manager through logical levels of reasoning in a systematic manner, the [...]

Case Study – Making vision a re...

Case Study – Making vision a reality Situation: A senior manager in a multinational company felt that he needed to take a break and pursue higher education abroad. However, he was not able to act on his plan and felt that he was not motivated enough to take it up. He was doing well in his job and was not able to find time or the inclina [...]


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