Coach/ Trainer Profile

Coach/ Trainer Profile Samya is a management professional specializing in the field of leadership development and coaching. She has trained/ coached more than 500 professionals from top companies such as HP, Microsoft, Tata Teleservices, ING Vyasa, Intel, Pepsico etc. She has more than 20 years of experience in people and process management [...]


student success coaching[1]
We have received some really great testimonials for our workshops & programs. These comprise of both individual and corporate accolades. A large number of programs that we have conducted do not permit us to publish details on any public media and forum. Below is one such testimonial, which was shared publicly by a participant. As our clie [...]

Success Coaching

a-success coaching
Success Coaching Effective Solution-based Coaching can change lives. ‘Solution-focused Coaching’ supports people in moving  towards their own unique path in achieving greater success in life in a creative manner. High aspiring individuals, athletes, musicians, writers know they get best results with a coach who can help them review aims, set [...]

Training Programs

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Training Programs Learning is a life long process. To this end, we support organizations & individuals by offering tailored and experiential training programs based on needs. These include areas such as leadership, collaboration & personal effectiveness. Trainings are conducted using tools such as MBTI and training exercises. We condu [...]

Professional success program

Professional success program A result oriented grooming and coaching programme for managers to improve their leadership and personal effectiveness skills. Do you identify with one or more of these situations? You are a talented and hard working professional, but are stuck and not growing in your profession You have great technical skills at [...]

Effective Leadership Program

communicatio trg[1]
Effective Leadership Program A success program for leaders who are looking at enhancing their leadership skills, thus empowering and motivating their teams for better results and success in business. Do you identify with one of these situations? You are great at technical skills and delivery of projects, but lack the right leadership skills [...]

Success Coaching for Women

Success Coaching for Women A solution focused coaching service for corporates supporting diversity and wanting to grow women professionals. This is also for individual women professionals who feel they are stuck in a stressful situation and are wanting to grow in their careers or do something more fulfilling, allowing them to enjoy work and l [...]

Student Success Program

Student Success Program A future oriented coaching program for students who are looking at success in their careers and want to fully utilize their potential. Do you ask yourself one or more of the following questions? Which career path is best suited for me? How can I progress in my career? Why am I not able to stick to my study plan? What [...]

Leadership Development and Emotional ...

Leadership Development and Emotional Intelligence More than any other factor, it’s the boss who influences the ability of people to give in their best. We offer an experiential leadership development program that incorporates the aspect of emotional intelligence, in addition to other key dimensions of leadership. The program is designed aroun [...]


teamwork training[1]
Teamwork ‘Under-achieving’ teams often wonder why a group of talented people is not able to collectively reach their full potential. On the other hand, great teams can surprise many by surpassing set targets. What clicks for them is good teamwork and synergy. We offer an activity based teamwork development workshop which helps teams come toge [...]


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